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I Think I Can

To answer the question some of you may have been asking: yes, I am still alive. It’s the end of the semester here at Cornell, which basically means that the end is nearby but I’ve got too much to do to appreciate it. This does not explain why I’m sitting at my desk typing a blog entry, though. The fact that I can’t convince myself to pull out my TAM homework explains that one. So here’s a brief look at my past month:

  • Work, work, work, work, work.
  • I’ve had a couple of encounters with my advisor-to-be, and those, on the whole, have turned out well. My feeling on this is corroborated by the fact that I got an e-mail from my advisor at Case saying that he ran into my new advisor at a conference last week and he had good things to say about me already. So, not all of my classes may be going the way I’d like, but I am still making a good impression around here.
  • Earlier this month, I worked like mad to code, test, and write a report up on a computational fluid dynamics problem for one of my classes. Today I got the report back with an A+ on it. I didn’t know they still gave those in graduate school, but, boy, does it feel nice, coming, as it does, at a time where I’m seriously worrying about my performance in my other courses. It’s like getting a pat on the back and having someone tell me that, yes, you do still belong here.
  • B came to NY and spent nearly a week with me last week. In our time in Ithaca, I showed her around town some but especially around Cornell. She got to experience walking around in a snowstorm as well as a chimes concert in McGraw Tower. We visited a winery up the road, and I fed her her first ever brownies and her first pizza in thirteen years. All in all, I felt pretty good about my hosting while she was up here in NY. Then I shuffled her into my car and drove 11 hours south so that she could spend Thanksgiving Day with me and my family. Her final conclusion was that Thanksgiving dinner was a lot like Christmas dinner but with better desserts. Unfortunately, we had to sacrifice showing her Black Friday sales for sleep before I drove her to the airport. I really enjoyed having her here.
  • The unfortunate thing about living in a small town 630 miles from one’s family is that the 22 hours of driving necessary for the round trip cut into the amount of time one gets to spend with one’s family. I was really sorry to have to leave when I did on Saturday, and I’m quite looking forward to having a chance to see my parents and sister for longer once exams are over.
  • Aside from work and travel and visitors, the other big reason I’ve not been as visible online in the last month is that I now have a boyfriend with whom I spend a fair amount of my free time. The best way to sum up that state of affairs is with a goofy-looking grin.

Insert Beach Boys Reference Here

I am, in fact, alive and well, if lacking in new and interesting news. The last week has involved a lot of shopping and driving and general preparations for the big cruise. This year my parents are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary by taking the honeymoon they never had, and they’re kind enough to take my sister and I along. We’ll be taking a Carnival lines cruise in the Caribbean with stops including San Juan, St. Thomas, Aruba, Dominica, and Barbados. Our plane leaves Sunday and we’ll be back on the Fourth.

I expect to have grand adventures to report–snorkeling! rum! rainforests! coconuts! sugar cane! sunburns! rum!–and pictures to go along with them. My research indicates that, although I am not permitted to drink onboard the ship, I am of legal drinking age in the ports we’re visiting–with the possible exception of Dominica. I haven’t managed to find information on the legal drinking age there because Google is convinced that what I really want is information about the Dominican Republic. In any case, the important thing here is that I get to enjoy visiting the rum distilleries more than, say, my little sister. And mostly it’s so that I get to enjoy making Pirates of the Caribbean references just a little more often. 😛

Anyone interested in getting a postcard from the Caribbean should drop me a line at gnome[at]silver-starlight.net with the appropriate information. I will try my best to be good about doing that this time.

In car news, we hit 301 miles today, which means that the engine is officially broken in and long distance road trips are now permitted. This is good because, once we get back from the cruise, Mom and I (and probably my little sister) will be taking a road trip up to Ithaca, New York in order to locate an apartment for me. Exciting times.


Weeks ago I got an urge to make some chocolate chip cookies but didn’t have enough chocolate chips for them, so I went down to the Village Convenience Store to get some M&Msfor a substitute . I ended up giving the woman working the counter a couple of the cookies when I was done. Today she saw me on my way out of Starbucks (with an espresso brownie!) and had to ask me how I got my cookies all the same size. Apparently she thought my cookies were really good because she said that I should open a bakery. I had to laugh. Mark pointed out that I’ve been wasting my time with this aerospace engineering thing. Obviously I should have gone with the bakery. I pointed out that my baking skills will help ingratiate me with any lab I end up in. Who wouldn’t like the new student who brings cookies?

It’s nice to see that people like my cooking, though. I used to worry about coming from a family with a grandmother and mother who were known for being excellent cooks. I feared I’d never manage to live up to it. But over the past couple years, I think I’ve improved a lot, in confidence as well as ability. Oddly enough, I now cook more than my mom does, and last time I was home, she actually told me that she was impressed at how capable I’ve become in the kitchen. There’s hope for me yet!