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My Weekend In Photos

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here are three thousand words on my weekend:

Friday: Google t-shirt and Slytherin scarf

Saturday: 7 hours of data collection

Sunday: Ice Age 2 at Tower City

Friends and Movies, Movies and Friends

It’s odd, but things are winding relatively slowly into the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Aside from a test on Friday, most of last week’s obstacles came on Tuesday. I can’t go to most of my classes Wednesday if I’m to make my flights to North Carolina, and my Tuesday classes, by an odd twist of fate, were all cancelled. I’m left with a one-day work week, which is virtually unthinkable but will hopefully provide me with some time to catch up on grad applications (or, even, God willing, allow me some time to work on restyling around here).

The weekend’s been great fun, so far, leading off, unsurprisingly with a trip to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As someone who hasn’t read the books, I can’t comment on this, that, or the other thing that were left out for time reasons, but I will say that I enjoyed the film. The end did leave me somewhat in the lurch because too many implications remained completely untouched, but I was pleased overall. I don’t know that they could have found anyone more perfect for Voldemort than Ralph Fiennes. I’d say a few words more, but that would get me into the realm of spoilers, so I won’t. Perhaps I’ll write an entry later dedicated to discussing the movie in greater detail.

I acted like a real college student after the movie; we stayed up talking and laughing and being generally silly until 4 a.m. It was fun, and my sleep schedule is now thoroughly messed up. Alas.

It’s become something of a tradition for some of our friends to get together the weekend before Thanksgiving and cook our own Thanksgiving meal to share, and we did that Saturday night. My only real contribution was the mashed potatoes, though I did clean part of the kitchen and carry the pumpkin pies to Kathy and Ben’s. Dinner itself was great; the conversations were even better. It was relaxing, and that was a nice way to get into the holiday season. We followed dinner with a viewing of the original film version of The Producers, which is nowhere near as good as the musical but still has its moments. “Springtime for Hitler” had us howling with laughter, but I find that’s a general effect of that song.

The best way to top off the night was to head down to Film Society, where they were showing The Princess BrideThe Empire Strikes Back as they’d intended. The copy of the film they had was an original, which makes the film itself 18 years old and not in the greatest condition. Splicing meant that there were little jumps in picture and dialogue, which quite possibly made the film funnier. One of my favorites occurred at the beginning when the Grandfather announced, “Westley did not have money for marriage [skip] so it was an emotional time for Buttercup.” Another amusing one took place in the Pit of Despair: “So it’s to be torture [skip] torture” [Albino shakes his head] “You don’t believe me?” There was only one instance when it was disappointing, and that was when Inigo was in the middle of killing Count Rugen. The price we pay, I suppose.

The audience, being Case nerds, could probably have acted out the entire film word-for-word, but we did restrain ourselves, primarily to a chorus every time Inigo started in on his you-killed-my-father mantra. I’d been hoping for three-and-a-half years to see that film here at Case, and I wasn’t let down by the experience in any way.

Chance Encounters Lead To…

I’m in the middle of composing backlogged blog entries on various recent events, including a full report on B’s visit, my new apartment, and the biorobotics lab’s trip to Cedar Point, but I have to take a moment to shamelessly advertise recount tonight’s adventure.

Sunday night included a trip to my uni’s Film Society to see a free screening of Casablanca, a tradition here. For newer readers, I should note that I’m a Film Soc junkie. Mark, Jessica, and I are there nearly every week, sometimes twice in a weekend. As a draw for their later showings (which are not free), Film Soc had a select number of seats with passes to a free advanced screening of Serenity to give away. My group didn’t win any, but, as one of the directors of Film Soc passed me in the aisle, she handed me a fistful of passes, saying, “You guys are here every week. You’re awesome!”

Not one to pass up a free movie, my friends and I went to the theater tonight. Before I continue, allow me to assure you that there are NO SPOILERS here.

Serenity - Go see it

I fully admit that I did not have high hopes for this movie at all. I was never the least bit impressed or interested in Joss Whedon’s other work (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel primarily). To be honest, I found–and still find–them to be out-and-out bad. I’d never seen a single episode of Firefly, and, though I could tell you a couple of names, I knew nothing about the characters or story.

But this movie was awesome. As Mark put it, this is what the Star Wars prequels should have been. I’m not going to claim complete obsession or undying love to the movie/series, but I’m definitely borrowing a friend’s copy of the DVDs and giving this a serious chance.

The movie comes out in theaters September 30th. Don’t judge it by the trailer. Go see it.