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29 July 2008 Gnomicons Update

On a whim I added nine new wallpapers to Gnomicons tonight. All of them are based around photographs I’ve taken in the last seven months. Take a look. I hope you enjoy them!

Project 22 – 7 – 11 December 2007

I can feel my photographic inspiration seeping even further away now that it’s dark before 5 p.m. This pretty much means that it’s impossible to take outdoor photos because I’m at work during the daylight. Not that there would be great pictures anyway with all the gray. Continue reading ‘Project 22 – 7 – 11 December 2007’

Gnomicons Update 9 Dec 2007

There’s a title I didn’t expect to be typing any time soon. However, it is true. My graphics site, Gnomicons, got a makeover and some new material. Check it out!