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Getting Extensions to Work in Google Chrome (Windows Edition)

If you’ve been using Google Chrome a good long while now but chose not to dive into the dev channel as soon as extensions became available, you may be jumping on the new betas that Google has released for Windows and Linux. Eager to get some ad-blocking, I downloaded the beta, installed it and went to the extensions gallery, ready for some fun. I picked out an extension, hit that big blue “Install” button…

…and Chrome asked me where to download the .crx file.

Some posts I found suggested that dragging the downloaded .crx file into Chrome would install the extension, but, for me, that simply re-downloaded the file I already had. (Why would you ever want to re-download a file you just dropped into the browser? That makes no sense to me.)

But I’ve found a way to have my cake and eat it, too! First, close Chrome and go to the user application data folder. In Vista or Windows 7, the default location is:

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\

Rename the Default folder; I chose to add “(backup)” to the name. Now reopen Chrome. This will create a new Default folder. Now you can install extensions from the gallery and Chrome should interpret the .crx correctly.

Next we want to restore all your personalizations–bookmarks, history, etc. To do this, return to your backup folder and copy its contents–except for the Preferences file–and paste them into the new Default folder. For whatever reason, copying the Preferencesевтини мебели file will cause Chrome to no longer display your installed extensions–or at least it did for me. In my case that really just meant redefining the Downloads location, but your mileage may vary.

Here’s hoping that helps some poor frustrated person who just wants their extensions to work! I’m still struggling with the same problem under Linux–making Chrome create a new user profile hasn’t worked for me there–but, if I find a solution, I will share it.

E-mail Answers

After a little bit of thought and some Googling on my previous e-mail question, I went ahead and migrated my Cornell e-mails to a Gmail account. Since I already use Thunderbird regularly, the process was quite painless. I set up a new IMAP account in Thunderbird, copied my Cornell e-mails over to Gmail using Thunderbird’s “Copy message to” function, and voila, all of my old e-mails from Cornell (and Case) are now stored in 3% of my Gmail storage. After today, I’ll never have to delete another e-mail. Moreover, a little tinkering in Thunderbird has the client working nicely with Gmail’s own set-up, so I’m pretty much set.

Congratulations All Around!

Today is a day to congratulate my friends. B and Lindsey finished their final exams for med school today, and Mark received word from Google that they’d like to give him a phone interview. As if that were not enough cause for hearty celebration on both sides of the pond, it’s also B’s birthday. So: happy birthday to B and many, many happy congratulations to all three of you!

And now I, having successfully completed my presentation for senior project, am going to enjoy my copy of The Swell Season, which arrived today before going to work.