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My Weekend In Photos

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here are three thousand words on my weekend:

Friday: Google t-shirt and Slytherin scarf

Saturday: 7 hours of data collection

Sunday: Ice Age 2 at Tower City

Google Comes To Case

Today was a pretty long day with three classes and two special lectures: one on Cabaret with a special emphasis on German Cabaret and another from a Case-alum-turned-Googler who came and gave us a presentation on everyone’s favorite search engine. My suitemates, who were fortunate enough to attend last year’s talk, said that the presentation was essentially the same, but I enjoyed it all the same. There were some fun little insights into the way Google is run and the attitude that drives things. I have to say that Google is one of the few companies that makes me regret being an aerospace engineer. They do, apparently, have some room for mechanical engineers, but aside from cooling their computer stacks, I doubt that they have much use for my aero skills. I could tell myself that my web design skills might be of use, but, again, I would probably be deluding myself. At least I have Cornell to look forward to. Also, I have Google swag.

A fellow Case student already has some photos of the event up, many of which include myself and my suitemates. Sadly, it’s pretty obvious in those pictures that I need some more sleep. Which explains why I’m posting this instead of sleeping, right?

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Being at UVa at the moment, I didn’t see this post about Google bringing girls in to shadow people on “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” until today, but I think that’s awesome. We need more women in math, science, and engineering, and my feeling on the matter is that if some women don’t just go out and do it, girls aren’t going to be inspired to follow those role models and we won’t see any change. This may explain why I’m willing to consider working in a lab where I would be the sole female.