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Project 22 – 1 – 16 January 2008

Now that quals are over and done with–yay, again!–it’s time to catch up on some of those things I’ve been putting off in the meantime. Which means that it’s time for a ridiculous gigantic Project 22 update. Definitely not recommended for dial-up viewers.
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Good News, Everyone!

I passed!

The deliberations must have been pretty quick, too, because I got the news from my advisor almost twenty minutes before he was supposed to find out.

Q: Round 2

Well, that time has rolled around again. I’ve been assigned a new committee for my second shot at the qualifying exam. Tomorrow I pick up the problem I’ll be presenting on, so today is my last day to get any useful studying done.

Strangely, I have not done much studying. I don’t think that it’s because I don’t feel like I need to study; I think it has more to do with keeping my anxieties under control. If I spend too much time looking at notes, I will freak out about everything I can’t reproduce off the top of my head. Last time it was my anxiety that killed my performance. I’m hoping this time around that the confidence in my own research abilities that I’ve gained in the past seven months will keep me calm enough that I can reason things out as I know I would in a less stressful situation.

It’s probably also useful that my committee this time is made up of professors I am less intimidated by. And that I got an A+ this past semester in the course taught by one of them. And that I had a great presentation at APS a couple of months ago. This exam is just supposed to demonstrate that I know what I need to know to be a good researcher. I am already a good researcher.

I can do this.