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Project 22 – 30 October – 4 November 2007

European?  Really?!

In walking around the Commons searching for the perfect top to complete my Halloween costume, I came across these signs. I must say that they truly have my hopes up. Actual German-style baked goods?! I hope so!


Since Halloween marked the return of the Deatheaters, Stephanie and I decided that the only appropriate thing for us to carve into a pumpkin for the department Happy Hour was a Dark Mark. We were pretty pleased with how the skull came out, especially as it was the result of carving based on a quickly drawn sketch by yours truly.

Dark Eyes

On Thursday, having been sick for four days, I went to Health Services to see if they could do anything for me. They couldn’t. I did learn, however, that the dark circles under my eyes were apparently my most noticeable feature because they were the first thing the nurse commented on upon entering the room.

Cable C

I spent Friday chasing equipment problems and data errors that were crippling my research progress. In the end, I discovered that the source of my difficulties was none other than this cable. It must have been pulled or bent one time too many and developed a faulty electrical connection. Fortunately, we have a spare.


Yesterday Joe and I got out my Turkish backgammon board and played a couple of games before watching SNL.

Dead Batteries

The batteries in my external keyboard died today. Unfortunately, though my desk is littered with batteries, none of them have any juice in them anymore. This has left me constantly forgetting that the keyboard won’t respond when I start clacking away on it.

Happy Forthcoming Halloween

Just so you know: those of you viewing this through RSS or the LiveJournal feed are missing out on the festivities.