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Gnomicons Update 30 July 2005

I added 8 icons and 5 wallpapers to Gnomicons tonight. Here they are:

Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery
Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery

A wallpaper based around a photograph from Pymatuning State Park.

The Waterfront Line
An addition to my popular photography wallpapers, this one focuses on the Cleveland Waterfront.

The Gift of Rain
Like the one before, this is meant to match with the others in the series. It features another photo from Pymatuning State Park.

After “Colorblind”, I was having a lot of fun with this photo in black and white, and it transformed itself into a wallpaper celebrating The Frames’ song “Locusts”.

Return to Flight
In my exploration of NASA’s site today, I found a gorgeous picture of Discovery in orbit and I couldn’t resist the urge to make a wallpaper with it.

Man, my fingers are tired…. I had some problems with the PHP running the site because some of my new changes got overwritten when I backed things up earlier today. If anyone happens to have errors turning up, or things behaving very oddly, please let me know.

Gnomicons Update 23 June 2005

Batman Icon Batman Icon Batman Icon

Batman Wallpaper

Since I wrote my Batman Begins review yesterday, I thought I’d make icons today. And I threw a wallpaper in there, too. All in all, I added 15 icons and that wallpaper in all six sizes tonight. I’ve also made a few changes on the blog, many of which are clearest on the front page. Among other things, I now have two co-bloggers, Lindsey and Bandladesh. This means that the level of insanity on this blog has at least tripled. Watch out, world!

ETA: If anyone wants to subscribe specifically to posts that are replacing my icon journal, they can through this RSS feed.