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Project 22 – 20 – 21 October 2007

I think that title is starting to get confusing. In any case, here are the Project 22 photos for this weekend:

The William Henry Miller Inn

This inn is about a block from my apartment and is usually busy being so pretty that I notice it every time I go past and think, “Wow, I really should take a picture of that place.” And now I have.


Fall colors are in full force around Ithaca Falls, where this photo was taken. Also, Nicole decided to play with macro mode some more.

One side effect of taking all these photos constantly is that my gallery is growing faster than I’m posting updates about it. So, for reference, there are now full albums featuring pictures of my trip to New England, the dissolution of the Tibetan sand mandala, and various photos of Cornell and Ithaca that I’ve taken in my wanderings over the past few weeks. I encourage you to take a look because there really are some lovely photos in there.

The Apple Harvest

A lot of my weekend was spent at the Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival, seeing as I visited it every day it was held. This means I spent my birthday and the days on either side of it enjoying apple cider, local wines, apple cider donuts, kettle corn, shenanigans, and, of course, apples.

Click to see other Apple Harvest Photos

I learned that photos of rain-spattered apples are ridiculously irresistible. (Yeah, that shot’s my desktop now.) Want to see what else was there?

While I’m at it, I put up some photos I took downtown a few weekends ago. They focus primarily on blue skies and fun architecture.

Project 22 – 30 September 2007

Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival

Although this isn’t my favorite Apple Harvest Festival photo of this year (more on that later), I do believe it’s my favorite of today’s shots. Somehow there’s something amusing in the juxtaposition of a very carnival-like vending booth and the stately trimmings of the Ithaca Commons. I also love the brightness of the colors here; it was a gorgeous day for a festival today.