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All She Did Was Mouth The Words

Back in April Josh Ritter told me at his concert about filming a video for “Lillian, Egypt” when I told him it was one of my favorite tracks from The Animal Years. I finally got around to watching it today, and it’s terrific. I bet the band had a blast filming it. I especially love picking out band members among the extras, though it’s a bit tough with the low resolution.

Josh Ritter Video

During the encore for our show, Josh came out with an acoustic guitar and sang “Lawrence, KS” completely unplugged.  Someone in the audience caught a video of it.  The lights were low, so the videos not fantastic, but it’s plenty good enough.

Back From The Gig

The Josh Ritter concert was fantastic. It was their first night, and both they and the crowd were loving every minute of it. I think it might possibly have been even better than their set last October.

Afterwards I got two hugs and a kiss from Josh. He was just thrilled as could be about the whole night and wore that boyish grin of his as he spoke to everyone. I congratulated him and the rest of his band on the album and a spectacular show, and now my copy of The Animal Years has been signed by all four of them.

Even if I still had my 8:30 class scheduled for tomorrow morning, it would have been worth every minute.