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Congratulations All Around!

Today is a day to congratulate my friends. B and Lindsey finished their final exams for med school today, and Mark received word from Google that they’d like to give him a phone interview. As if that were not enough cause for hearty celebration on both sides of the pond, it’s also B’s birthday. So: happy birthday to B and many, many happy congratulations to all three of you!

And now I, having successfully completed my presentation for senior project, am going to enjoy my copy of The Swell Season, which arrived today before going to work.

Message for the Irish

Lindsey and B, you are fantastic beyond words! Just as I was about to drag my sad and sorry self off to work on a group project, what should I discover on my phone but a couple of text messages from you as you left the Frames gig. I was thinking about you guys, too! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

Testing. Can you hear me at the back?

I’ve been requested by Gnome to draft a test post. Which presents me with the usual problem of whether to be deadly serious, intolerably pretentious or incredibly witty. As it’s after 10.00pm, I really don’t think I can be serious. Hell, I’m not even sure I can be original, never mind pretentious.

Anyway, consider this to be my test post. Believe me when I promise you that you’ll be sick of the sight of me before too long. I tend to waffle and ramble interminably about a wide range of things that interest, amuse or irritate me.

I have been Lindsey and you have been wonderful readers. Thank you! I’ll be here all week. Year. Whatever.