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Project 22 – 15 November 2007

MAE Women's Dinner

Tonight we had our second annual MAE women’s dinner, where we officially decided that we’d like to have more regular events–perhaps a regular seminar as well as informal monthly lunches. Yay! I tried taking several shots as the evening was winding down, but most people suffer from over self-consciousness when near the camera, and this was the closest I managed to get to a candid shot. It also happened to be a shot of a couple of women I know from the weekly fluid dynamics seminar. Imagine that.

As I was rushing around trying to find everyone I was supposed to be driving to this event, I discovered a marching band playing in Duffield. (They played “You Can Call Me Al”!) I tried to get a couple of pictures of them, but the lighting was poor, so the shutter speeds dropped and everything came out blurry. But it was incredibly loud and exhilarating, and I just couldn’t keep from grinning like a madwoman. I have got to go to some athletic events where the marching/pep band plays. It’s unbelievable what a good mood I’m instantly transported into as soon as I hear them.