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Recent Images

Tonight was one of those nights where I furiously uploaded photos taken in the past several weeks. The big additions are three new albums: spring flowers, my sister and I on the playground, and this weekend’s trip to Cleveland. I highlight a few of my favorites from each behind the cut.
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Work and Waterfalls

The past week has primarily been spent doing long hours of research. There was one ten-hour-straight-non-stop experiment last week and we’re currently in the middle of a second one as I type. It’s a sucky way to spend a Monday, but it does represent some progress toward having results to present at that aforementioned conference.

The highlight of the weekend was a visit from Mark, who I then dragged all over Ithaca. Among our weekend exploits were a trip to the Johnson Museum of Art, a tour of the Ithaca Beer Company, a hike at Buttermilk Falls State Park, and a stop by Ithaca Falls. It was my first proper trip to all of the above, which meant that things got to be engaging and new for me as well as him.

We hit some standby favorites, too: ice cream at the Cornell Dairy Bar, pizza at the Nines with friends, a bit of Soul Calibur II, and plenty of movies–including last night’s still hysterical Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Despite having watched it together many times as undergrads, we still noticed new things to laugh at last night, like random three second musical interludes with no discernible rhyme or reason. And Alan Rickman is still what makes the movie worthwhile.

Otherwise, life in Ithaca is mostly work these days. Soul-sucking, energy-draining work. Can I get a weekend please?

Myst and Civilization Update

It seems that I spoke too soon about Myst. It turns out that all I needed were a few little hints to get started, and now, now the puzzles are starting to get addictive. It feels surprisingly like my last graduate homework assignment. It took a little while for me to catch on, but once I did, it was pretty smooth sailing and it didn’t feel much like work. That same impulse to figure things out has hit with the game.

In other news, Mark was awesome enough to get me Civilization III Complete. I’ve resisted the urge to install it so far–I still have a bit more research-related stuff to finish and then there’s that whole packing thing–but I did start reading the manual. And I predict that, not only will I love this game, but I’m certain that my little sister will want to play it, too. She’s too much of a history geek (and possibly a meglomaniac like her sister?) not to love it.