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On days when I’m not feeling great about myself and about life (like today), I take solace in this song. As Mic says before he starts playing, “It’s about every day being your best day.” There’s comfort in living like that, and I wish that could more often. But even if I can’t, “Heyday” brings me that much closer to managing. Should the song catch your fancy, there’s more where it came from.

Rave on, Mic Christopher.

Focus Pocus

I love seeing how things come around. Bored, I was fooling around Last.fm’s Frames forum, where I found a recommendation for locating Mic Christopher mp3s using Irish Music Central. In tooling around on Mic’s sounds page there, I click on a link to a site called Focus Pocus, which supposedly has mp3s. A blog pops up, thumbnails of recent photographs along the top. There, at the far right, is a familiar shape against the sky. “Could that possibly be Düsseldorf?!” I click and it is! That’s definitely a gorgeous picture of my German “hometown”. In fact, all of the photos I’ve looked at so far (mostly of Ireland) are wonderful. And there’s an RSS feed. Brilliant!

Music On My Mind

It’s odd how a song grows on you. I can go months or even years with a song on my playlist and treat it with little more than indifference, and then, one day, it plays and I have to go back and play it again. Not long thereafter, it takes on some sort of special significance, and I find myself singing parts of it to myself. I wake up with the words on my lips. That’s the way it’s been for the past week or so with a cover of The Waterboys’ song “The Whole of the Moon”.

I’ve heard the original song, and it doesn’t excite me. But this bootleg version I found online from a gig that Glen Hansard (of The Frames) and Mic Christopher did in Vienna in 2001 has me captivated. With them, it’s a rougher song, but there’s incredible depth to it. Hearing it reminds me of my own tendency to reach “too high, too far, too soon”. Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you a thing about this song. It plays a couple times a day now, and that doesn’t count the number of times I catch myself repeating it under my breath.

The Whole of the Moon (Live in Vienna) — Glen Hansard and Mic Christopher (3.86 MB)

What songs have captured you?