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Parody the IT

This Microsoft redesigns the iPod box video parody is amusing, but really, my favorite part of the video is the music. It’s just perfect. Makes me wonder what the song is so that I can go out and snag a copy for myself.

To balance things out, though, let’s revisit my old favorite: the Apple switch commercial parody.

Search in IE7

A few days ago I downloaded a copy of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 to play around with it and see how things looked. So far I haven’t been particularly impressed. It’s a slightly flashier Firefox ripoff, but the main engine driving the program is as slow and non-standards-compliant as ever. The layout of the menu is fundamentally altered from past versions of IE, and I suspect that they’re going to confuse a lot of their users. The one item that’s impressed me is their implementation of syndication feeds. They’ve made it easy for someone who doesn’t know how to use feeds to start doing so; however, by placing the subscription menu in the “Favorites Center” sidebar, I suspect they’re going to confuse people. Whose idea was it to use the same name for two different and separate features?

The real amusement so far, though, came when I checked out the search bar. The browser’s default search engine? Google. I suspect this was not Bill’s idea.

IE7 B2 Screenshot

Where’d My Vanilla Coke Go?

The EU is getting ridiculous with its complaints about various companies and their “unfair monopolies”. Today they announced a deal with the Coca-Cola company that requires, among other things, that Coke-branded fridges at retailers be at least 20% stocked with products from a different company. Earlier this year, a deal with Microsoft, in which the software giant would market a version of its Windows XP operating system without Windows Media Player under the dubious title of “Windows XP Home Edition N”, was announced. Perhaps I’m being overly generous to the average consumer, but both these deals seem like an insult to the average consumer–not to mention an excellent source of confusion.

What’s the EU planning to do for companies whose drinks are placed in Coke-branded fridges when consumers start thinking that Seven-Up is a Coke product? Or how about someone who gets a brand new computer, signs on to their favorite news site, and finds that, no matter how many times they click for the newest video feed, it refuses to come up?

The XP article notes that Real Networks’ RealPlayer and Apple Quicktime are the main competitors for Windows Media Player. Guess what? I have all three. My primary music/video player, however, is Winamp. What I really love, though, is the fact that Quicktime doesn’t even have the same capabilities as WMP, but it’s still a competitor. You’d have to use iTunes and Quicktime to get the playback options of either WMP or RealPlayer, but… obviously matters like this are not a concern for the EU.