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Sterling and Stardust

I’ve just returned from Stardust, which was every bit as wonderful, funny, adventure-some, and romantic as the book Neil Gaiman wrote, despite being quite different in its onscreen incarnation. And, it was perfect for getting me in the mood to dress up tomorrow for this. Yay weekend!

P.S. – Go see Stardust! If you ever appreciated The Princess Bride or anything along those lines, you’ll enjoy this film. So what are you waiting for? Go!

Wreeking Some Ruwengay

Somehow I read this on Neil Gaiman’s blog–

“Still, [the story I’m writing] has some really good bits in, and I love the ghouls, particularly the Bishop of Bath and Wells and the Duke of Westminster.” #

–and all I can think is: is it the baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells?

Life’s Funny Like That

As we all know, I love Futurama. I also love Neil Gaiman’s books and blog. So learning that Neil, too, likes Futurama made me smile:

“And they [adult swim] show Futurama. (People have asked if I’m jealous of Alan Moore for being on The Simpsons, and I’m not. If he were a head in a jar in Futurama, on the other hand…)” #