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Musical Smatterings

I may be a bit late jumping on the boat with some of this, but I have some music-related links to share.

  • Vicar St. Tracks on Archive.org – These are several tracks from the 6 February 2006 Vicar St. gig the Frames did. They’re official recordings (mastered by Rob and everything), and I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, but comments from others have indicated that they’re absolutely fantastic. I personally can’t wait to listen to “Seven Day Mile,” but that may be my love affair with that song speaking.
  • Frames Podcast – This Paste Magazine podcast includes an interview with Glen and Joe from the Austin City Limits Festival last year. The podcast has more than just the Frames, actually, but it’s all worth the listen. The last two songs may not fly with everyone, but that’s typically the way indie music goes. (Why do I feel like someone out of QC suddenly?)
  • Josh Ritter Podcast (Parts One and Two) – Anyone who enjoys Ritter and his music will enjoy hearing this. The audio is a bit spotty in places, which is probably because it was recorded in Ritter’s home rather than in a studio, but the live tracks are quite good. I think I’ll be picking a couple of them out in mp3 format for my own use. As an aside, Josh will be back in Cleveland on April 19th, and I’m putting together a group to go see him. Anyone interested?

I may have to start listening to these Paste Magazine podcasts. If the Frames and Josh Ritter are the sort of artists they cover, I might enjoy listening to more of their repertoire. And heaven knows that these things make those long walks across campus and the half-days of airport traveling a little more bearable.