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There’s A Surprise

*blink* According to my records, my domain received 11947 unique visitors last month. This is more than twice my monthly average (5360 unique visitors) for the year so far. It’s also a hell of a lot more than I’ve ever gotten. Quite a lot of it seems to be directed toward this page, but all the same… wow.

Drawing Faerie

I finally got around to one of those many things I always tell myself that I’m going to do. This time, it was that I scanned in and adjusted some old Faerie-related artwork and posted it on the site. So, for any of you who have wondered what Faerie wings look like or what sort of geography Faerie has, you can wonder no longer. I should note that I am, by no means, an artist, which is part of why I’ve avoided additional attempts of trying to depict scenes from the stories. That said, I did start drawing a new version of Jeanne’s sword Ilarien on my dry erase board one evening this week when my mind refused to let me sleep without doing so. I may sit down after this and try to sketch out the remainder of the sword.

In the meantime, if anyone is inclined to attempt drawing characters and/or scenes, I would love to see the way you envision them. If you have something you’re willing to share, I might even put it up on the site!

ETA: I did draw a new version of Ilarien. The, uh, resemblance to a katana is purely coincidental. Really.

Of Sites and Sounds

And now, as promised, I bring you, the new S-S.N. I encourage you all to take peek. Some points that may be of particular interest:

  • The bootlegs page, which contains some mp3s of (surprise!) Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, and the Frames as well as links to places where I’ve found other bootlegs I enjoy. A real highlight there, though, is that I have the entire show that the Frames played in Seattle in October 2005. I’m hoping to put the LA gig up there, too, but we have to see how the bandwidth goes.
  • Lots of story excerpts. I don’t think anyone bothered to wade through them as I posted them here, and I can’t blame you because there’s around 25,000 words here. But there are some excerpts that are completely new, in the sense that I’ve never posted them or shown them to anyone before. Among those are scenes from Nandiealmae’s, Ilarwyn’s, and Jeassinae’s childhoods; a scene with Natasja escaping from Arman; and one of my favorite stories from Jeassinae’s adolescent years, which, though old, is not something I’ve shared before. Check them out, and please let me know what you think!

I have survived my first week of classes, which included tensors, NASA talks about exploring Titan, and encouragement (not least in the form of an application fee waiver) to apply to Notre Dame for graduate school. Jessica is gone this weekend while Google courts her; Eric is at Sci-Fi marathon; and Mark and I are enjoying a bit of Fry and Laurie in the form of Jeeves and Wooster, interspersed with more House because one can’t go wrong there. I haven’t any proper homework yet. It’s a good weekend.