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Six Months Gone

I tried to get on this blog today only to discover that, in migrating my site to a new server, my hosting company had entirely lost the contents of my blog. Everything, gone.

I was able to locate a working backup from March, and I’ve restored the entries since then by copying them out of Google’s cache. I couldn’t find the patience to sign in and out repeatedly to rescue the comments of the last six months, though, so I’m afraid I’ll just have to live without those.

If anything’s wonky or missing, well, now you know why. There’s a lot of stuff to update about, but, having spent most of my evening copying and pasting old entries, I’m too tired to compose new stuff.

29 July 2008 Gnomicons Update

On a whim I added nine new wallpapers to Gnomicons tonight. All of them are based around photographs I’ve taken in the last seven months. Take a look. I hope you enjoy them!

And We’re Back!

Finally, I’ve managed to take care of the domain hack that kept things silent here for a couple weeks. It’s good to be back.

In the meantime, things have been frustrating in the real world and I’ve been back and forth and traveling and moving equipment at work and all such things. Currently trying to get my experiments running in a new location and I’ve been thwarted at nearly every turn.

Steph and I have plans to run away to NYC this weekend to see Jonathan Coulton in concert, and we are, of course, looking forward to this.

In other news, my little sister has graduated from high school! Many happy and belated congratulations are due to her for this accomplishment. I have a few pictures, just not with me now, unfortunately.

And, lastly, I’ve started Plurking (sort of like Twittering), so if anyone cares to join in, you now know where to find me.