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Amid The Packing Boxes

I’ve only got a couple more days here in North Carolina. It really is amazing how time flies–although I suspect that the bits of traveling I’ve done this summer have sped things along. Right now, life is full of packing boxes and shopping for housewares. The big move-in date is set for Saturday, so I guess things will be extra silent from me after Thursday night because we’ll be driving to New York Friday and then I won’t have Internet access until God-knows-when. If I get desperate, I’m sure I can run up to Cornell and hijack a public computer or possibly get my laptop set up on their wireless network.

I’m just listening to an audience recording of the Frames’ recent performance in NYC. (ETA: Now available for download.) Can’t wait for their new album. In the meantime, though, I shall just have to make do with my obscenely large collection of live recordings.

For the moment, I’m just feeling listless.

Gnomicons Update 29 July 2006

It seems that the way to get me to make icons again is to post some lovely photos from David Cleary. These icons are all from his photos and include stills from the new independent film “Once” by John Carney and assorted photos of The Frames from over the years. Enjoy!

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Some Music-Related Announcements

This is primarily for the benefit of the Irishwomen because I know that they are too busy at the moment to keep up with such news, but I figure they might be interested in hearing these tidbits.

Glen Hansard’s made a rare appearance on The Frames’ messageboard to let fans know about the new album’s recording session. Apparently, they’ve set themselves the task of recording this album as though it were a live show, not in the sense of Set List, but in the sense that no part of the recording is dubbed over. Everything was performed at once. They’re now in the process of picking which songs to put on the final product.

Secondly, as Glen’s solo album with Marketa Irglova is due out in Ireland within the next couple weeks, he’s set up a MySpace page for The Swell Season where, among other things, one can listen to four of the tracks from the album. They sound terrific, more along the slow, mellow orchestration than most Frames songs, but still very distinctly Glen. I cannot wait for my copy to arrive. Speaking of which, my new Josh Ritter album is supposed to arrive today! Concert next week!