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Dance, Dance, Darling

Back when I wrote my concert review, I mentioned how into things Glen Hansard gets when he’s playing. Just came across a link to this video from the Montreal show that well demonstrates what I mean. As a bonus, you get to hear Rob sing.

(On a complete side note, you may notice tags popping up and behaving oddly. I just installed Ultimate Tag Warrior, and I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet.)

Message for the Irish

Lindsey and B, you are fantastic beyond words! Just as I was about to drag my sad and sorry self off to work on a group project, what should I discover on my phone but a couple of text messages from you as you left the Frames gig. I was thinking about you guys, too! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

Focus Pocus

I love seeing how things come around. Bored, I was fooling around Last.fm’s Frames forum, where I found a recommendation for locating Mic Christopher mp3s using Irish Music Central. In tooling around on Mic’s sounds page there, I click on a link to a site called Focus Pocus, which supposedly has mp3s. A blog pops up, thumbnails of recent photographs along the top. There, at the far right, is a familiar shape against the sky. “Could that possibly be Düsseldorf?!” I click and it is! That’s definitely a gorgeous picture of my German “hometown”. In fact, all of the photos I’ve looked at so far (mostly of Ireland) are wonderful. And there’s an RSS feed. Brilliant!