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In Which I Share Photos

It’s been a long while since I had any photographic updates, and, over the weekend, I uploaded a hundred or so images from the past few months. Some of my favorites are displayed after the jump. Continue reading ‘In Which I Share Photos’

Monetarily Speaking

My bank account tells me that the government just gave me $600. Do I go spend that toward the $1100 plane ticket to Dublin in July for mebeli????????Oxegen with B and L, or do I save that money for more surprise medical bills like the $330 one I got last week? Hello, economic downturn, expensive fuel and food prices, and poor medical coverage. You make me sad.

Dammit. The Oxegen website now says that Bell X1 and dEUS are playing, too. Not fair.

Recent Images

Tonight was one of those nights where I furiously uploaded photos taken in the past several weeks. The big additions are three new albums: spring flowers, my sister and I on the playground, and this weekend’s trip to Cleveland. I highlight a few of my favorites from each behind the cut.
Continue reading ‘Recent Images’