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UVa Visit Part 2

This entry, like the last one, is a mish-mash of different writing times. Except in this case, I wrote the first section the night of and the later portions were fleshed out this morning. It’s quite a bit longer than the previous one, not least because Friday, the day this describes, was a busy, busy day.

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UVa Visit Part 1

This entry may be a bit odd. The first part is something I’m writing now, whereas the later portions were written in my hotel room the day that I arrived. If tenses start going wonky, that’s probably the reason.

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More Wooing

When I said that I was getting wooed by graduate schools, I had no clue how true that statement was. In the past twenty-four hours, I have received no less than three e-mails from professors at graduate schools who are trying to woo me. Currently, the University of Virginia has their “We