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More on Grad Schools

My thanks to those of you who congratulated me on my invitation to Duke. To my surprise, I received a similar invitation from the University of Virginia yesterday. And this morning, to my chagrin, I was awakened bright and early by a phone call from my mother informing me that she’d forgotten to tell me when I called last night that the graduate director from my department of interest at the University of Michigan had left a message for me on their machine. They gave me the number, which I was having trouble writing down, what with trying to hold the phone and my bite splint in one hand and write with a poor pen on a Post-It note with the other. Nevermind the fact that I hadn’t so much as wiped the grit out of my eyes. So now, even though I don’t know what the guy from Michigan wants, I have his number. And I’m shorter on sleep than I wanted to be.

But it looks like February will be a month for traveling. And I like traveling.