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Jonathon Coulton Guitar Lessons

For any of my guitar-playing friends who also like Jonathan Coulton‘s songs, a kindly fan is now posting weekly lessons on how to play JoCo songs. This week is “Skullcrusher Mountain”. I will definitely be trying these out.

Open Mic Night Revisited

As I mentioned previously, I took a couple videos of one of my friends performing on his guitar at our department’s Open Mic Night a week ago. Here those videos are, as promised:

All She Did Was Mouth The Words

Back in April Josh Ritter told me at his concert about filming a video for “Lillian, Egypt” when I told him it was one of my favorite tracks from The Animal Years. I finally got around to watching it today, and it’s terrific. I bet the band had a blast filming it. I especially love picking out band members among the extras, though it’s a bit tough with the low resolution.