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Snow Is (Almost) Gone

It’s not quite true yet, but Josh Ritter’s “Snow Is Gone” just came on, and spring is close enough that the song lifts me up and makes me want to sing and dance along. (I’m unfortunately in the office, so I can’t indulge, but it’s nice nonetheless.) This is what central New York looks like today:

Taughannock Falls In The Mist

Project 22 – 9 – 12 February 2008

Yes, it’s a Project 22 update that doesn’t contain weeks’ worth of material! Continue reading ‘Project 22 – 9 – 12 February 2008’

Project 22 – 12 – 18 December

This bunch of photos takes me up through the day before I drove to NC (i.e. yesterday). Continue reading ‘Project 22 – 12 – 18 December’