They say you have to establish credibility, especially in a faceless place like the Internet. Supposedly, that's what this is for.

About Nicole

Nicole For me, the hardest question in the world is: "Where are you from?" I was born in Arkansas but left there when I was thirteen and haven't been any one place for more than a few years since then. The closest place to home now (excepting the definition of home as 'wherever my parents and sister are') is my university, where I study aerospace engineering (read: rocket science). I'm a geek and okay with it. I don't deal well in a world without Firefox, and my Zen Micro follows me everywhere. At any given time, the chances are good that The Frames are on my playlist. But I listen to other stuff, too.

Having lived in Germany for most of my high school years, I've seen more of the world than most American twenty-year-olds. If nothing else, it's given me fodder for the stories I so enjoy writing. My first novel was completed at age fourteen; a year later I stood at the highest point in Africa; a year after that I graduated from high school and headed to university. For anyone who's counting, that means that I'll be in graduate school before I can drink in the U.S.A.

About S-S.N

I purchased S-S.N in August of 2003 and have since placed a couple of sites worth of real estate on the domain. In addition to this site, I have my blog; Gnomicons, my graphics site; and {whisperback}, a fiction site I host for my incomparable friends L and S. I haven't plans for more at the moment, but one never knows.

S-S.N's subtitle comes from "That's What Good Friends Do" by the Honorable Mic Christopher.