Sunset in the Mountains of Deirdyn Of all of my creations, it is Faerie that is closest to my heart. Whether that is because it was my first major original work, or because of a particular love for the characters and culture, I don't know. Faerie began when I was fourteen years old, shortly after I moved to Germany. Inspired by a nightmare, it began with a simple premise: a girl whose father has just died discovers in the mansion that is now hers the journals and belongings of the mother she's never known. Although that situation is still contained within the first book of Faerie, The Fairie's Daughter, the story is now far larger than that, dealing not only with the life of a half-human, half-Faerie child but with a history and conflict that stretches back to the very beginning of Faerie.

The cast of this story is large; the places are detailed; and the culture is complex. Below are links to excerpts set in the Faerie 'verse. Above are links to pages that may help you understand the people, culture, and history of Faerie.

I welcome questions and comments about my work. Feel free to leave comments on individual excerpts, or to e-mail me.

Faerie Excerpts

Early hand-drawn map of FaerieRather than dividing these by subject matter or novel, I've chosen to list the excerpts in chronological order. The first excerpts are from the early days of Faerie; the ones that follow occur later in their history.

  • Carisae's Return (PG): A young Jeassinae reflects on her mother's behavior toward her.
  • Tales and Toy Soldiers (PG): Jeassinae finds herself a figure of legend even to her nieces and nephews.
  • Where Have You Gone? (PG-13): A short piece from Nijelyn shortly after Jeassinae's disappearance.
  • Disappointed (PG): Richard considers the effects of Adryana's absence.
  • A Much-Needed Excuse (PG): An excerpt from the newest version of The Fairie's Daughter in which Jeanne learns the truth about her mother.
  • Memory's Paths (R for violence): Ilaria learns about some of her mother's darker memories.

These characters, stories, and ideas are the original, copyrighted work of Nicole Sharp and are protected under a Creative Commons License.