Faerie: Selected Character Biographies

Nuclear Family

    Jeanne Adryana Lésane » Heir to the Throne Adryana and Jeanne find Regil in Aderana's Grove
  • born: 14 September 1984
  • family: Richard Stover (human father), Adryana Lésane (Faerie mother)
  • dislikes: the word 'hybrid,' tragic childhoods, her classmates
  • secretly loves: dancing to her uncle's rock music, whispering words in Faerie for no reason
  • current status: hiding from life with along with Jeassinae
    Adryana Cecylia Lésane » Her Majesty the Queen
  • family: Cecylia Lésane (mother and carisae), Regil Devreau (father and counselor), Melayssa Lésane (sister and chief enemy), Richard Stover (husband by human law), Jeanne Lésane (daughter and chervari)
  • likes: spending time with her daughter, laughter (which she doesn't have enough of anymore), ice cream
  • secretly loves: walking along the Lake's shore at sunrise
  • dislikes: Council meetings, disrespect, putting up with her sister's machinations
  • favorite memory: singing Jeanne to sleep one night when she was little
  • current status: worrying about Jeanne
    Richard William Stover » businessman and traditionalist extraordinaire
  • family: William Stover (father; deceased), Miranda Stover née Roberts (mother; ennobled), Marcus Stover (brother and best friend), Adryana Lésane (wife), Jeanne Lésane (daughter)
  • dislikes: technology (especially computers), Marcus's rock music, Adryana's absentee-ism
  • secretly loves: watching Jeanne smile in her sleep
  • favorite music: Beethoven's 5th
  • current status: deceased and greatly missed
    Marcus Nathaniel Stover » doctor and joker
  • family: William Stover (father; deceased), Miranda Stover née Roberts (mother; ennobled), Richard Stover (brother; deceased), Jeanne Lésane (niece), Isabelle Stover née McKensy (wife), Annika Stover (daughter)
  • likes: rock music (especially Arch and The Frames), coffee, making people laugh
  • dislikes: mustard and tears
  • known for: calling Jeanne "baby doll"
  • current status: enjoying nearly every moment of fatherhood

Extended Family

    Lady Miranda Roberts » Peer of the Realm
  • family: Richard Stover (son; deceased), Marcus Stover (son), Jeanne Stover (granddaughter), Annika Stover (granddaughter)
  • enjoys: the smell of parchment in the basement of the Bodleain, visits from classics majors
  • secretly loves: hearing Jeanne call her Oromai
  • dislikes: lack of manners
  • prefers: that her staff not know her whereabouts at all times
  • current status: holed up in her office, unlocking family secrets
    Cecylia Tynora Lésane » Her Majesty the Former Queen
  • family: Regil Devreau (husband and conscience), Adryana Lésane (daughter and chervari), Melayssa Lésane (daughter and disappointment), and eight grandchildren
  • likes: power, control, spending time alone with Regil or her grandchildren
  • dislikes: disrespect, disappointment
  • secretly regrets: spoiling Melayssa and punishing Jeanne
  • current status: deceased
    Regil Devreau » a true Jiminy Cricket
  • family: Cecylia Lésane (wife), Adryana Lésane (daughter), Melayssa Lésane (daughter), and eight grandchildren to chase after
  • likes: giving advice, watching his grandchildren grow, spending hours in the quiet of Saint Aderana's Grove
  • hates: when Cecylia's plotting involves their family
  • secretly regrets: burning so many unsent letters
  • believes: in living every moment
  • current status: trying to keep the twins in line
    Melayssa Lésane » the fallen noblewoman
  • family: Cecylia Lésane (mother; deceased), Regil Devreau (father), Adryana Lésane (sister), Gyrrel Givana (husband), and her seven children: Talin (M), Reganna (F), Cecin (M), Tameran (M), Girren (M), Kallyn (F), and Alyandra (F)
  • delights in: power, attention, thwarting Adryana, the thought of becoming Queen
  • hates: everything about Jeanne, having to speak to Veklond
  • secretly wishes: that she'd told her children that she loved them
  • current status: negotiating in Dreskara
    Reganna Lésane » penitent for another's sins
  • family: Melayssa Lésane (mother), Gyrrel Givana (father), six siblings, Jeanne Lésane (cousin and closest friend)
  • enjoys: dancing with handsome young men, visits from her grandfather
  • hates: the looks people give her because of her mother
  • favorite memory: her very first pillow fight, thanks to Jeanne
  • wishes: that Talin would come home for good
  • current status: waiting out Jeanne's disappearance in Jeasandé

We are the band

    Nijole Resclin » minstrel with a disguise
  • family: not something we talk about much
  • likes: a good ale, an evening with his friend Talin, and a well-tuned lute
  • annoyed by: arrogance (particularly that of a certain Princess), barkeeps who don't provide a roof for their entertainers, groupies
  • not so secretly wants: to make Jeanne smile
  • current status: re-discovering a complicated past
    Talin Maklan (Lésane) » undercover nobleman
  • family: unadmittedly royal
  • enjoys: life in general since he escaped his mother's grasp, a warm fire and a pint
  • dislikes: listening to Jeanne and Nijole argue
  • misses: his younger sister
  • current status: staying close to Jeasandé until Jeanne and Nijole reappear

Selected Saints

    Aderana Lésane » Queen and Chervari
  • family: Trijeson Thessily (husband), Kallysa Thessily (eldest daughter), Rytana Lésane (daughter and chervari), Jeassinae Kalisria (favorite sister)
  • role: First Queen of Faerie, patroness of royalty, the Lésane family, and chervaris, maker of the Chalice
  • standard: a silver Chalice on a violet background
  • known for: her temper
  • wishes: to see Jeassinae again, to see her father Veklond defeated, to see Jeanne take her proper place
  • current status: keeping a nervous eye on events from beyond K'sarus
    Deirdae Heslacam » seer and advisor
  • family: Cecyl Joranen (husband), Quenin Joranen (son), Ellia Heslacam (daughter and heir)
  • role: Advisor to Adryana, patroness of fortunetellers, young children, and the Heslacam family, maker of the Shield, fabled Bestower of Gifts
  • standard: white with a golden Eye
  • sometimes spotted: wandering the countryside as a old, blue-eyed woman
  • secretly: watches Jeanne more than the others
  • current status: hoping that her warnings are heeded
    Nijelyn Vanuka » minstrel and musicmaker
  • family: Jeassinae Kalisria (true love but not the mother of his child), Jykaria Vanuka (daughter)
  • role: Faerie's first musician, patron of the Vanuka family, musicians, bards, and especially minstrels, writer of the Ballad and maker of the Bow
  • standard: dark blue with a white Bow and a copper Lute
  • favorite memory: his first visit to the Waterfalls with Jeassinae
  • loves: Jeassinae more than life itself
  • current status: waiting for Jeassinae to cross K'sarus
The Sword Ilarien (Version 2)
    Jeassinae Kalisria » misunderstood and underappreciated defender
  • family: Nijelyn Vanuka (husband), Jeanne Lésane (heir)
  • role: Protecter of Faerie, patroness of abandoned children, youth, and servants, maker of the Dagger and of the sword Ilarien
  • known as: the defeater of the verildés, the Lost Saint, the Heirless Saint
  • secret history: a half-human daughter left in the human world, her "death" was a ruse to cover her kidnapping and imprisonment
  • lives: for Jeanne and the thought of reunion with Nijelyn
  • current status: helping Jeanne where no one helped her

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