Glen and Mic in Vienna

21 September 2006

Today would have been Mic Christopher's 37th birthday, and, while writing a post about this occasion, I discovered that the site where recordings of Glen and Mic performing together in Vienna were is no more. 'Twould be a crime for the world to be denied said music, so I've stuck it up on the bootlegs page. Rave on, Mic!

The Frames at the Nuke Warm Up Festival

9 September 2006

Austria's fm4 broadcasted a recording of a Frames concert from July and I recorded it. It's up now for those who are interested.

The Frames at Electric Picnic 2006

2 September 2006

By luck, I happened to catch the last half of the Frames' set at Electric Picnic 2006 online and recorded off the stream. I wish I'd gotten the whole show, but something beats nothing. The lads were really on their best tonight. "People All Get Ready" and a full band version of "Heyday" are two of my highlights. Download from here.

New Paddy Whacked Show

1 September 2006

Today's Paddy Whacked Radio show is now online and available for download.

The Frames Fiesta

31 August 2006

Back on 4 August, Shawn of Paddy Whacked Radio ran a "Frames Fiesta" show that, in addition to being much longer than usual, featured a lot of Frames songs in honor of the show he'd seen in NYC the day before. Which show is that? Well, it's one of the ones on the bootlegs page along with the 2002 Pet Sounds session, which I just added tonight. Download and enjoy!

New Paddy Whacked Show

25 August 2006

Today's Paddy Whacked Radio show is now online.

Paddy Saul on Paddy Whacked

23 August 2006

Back on the 11th, Paddy Saul (who's an absolutely great guy, by the way) made an appearance on Paddy Whacked Radio. I've gone ahead and uploaded that show here so that people have a chance to hear his work. He has an album coming out later this year entitled One Town Tasted and I strongly recommend it. The show contains the first broadcast of some of this material. Give it a listen!

Paddy Whacked Radio on S-S.N

20 August 2006

In an effort to make archived versions of the Paddy Whacked Radio show available online, I've volunteered to host some shows after their broadcast. The show focuses on Irish groups and includes rock, alternative, and acoustic. Check it out!

The Frames On NYC Summerstage

9 August 2006

Courtesy of Superfint, I've added a recording of the Frames' recent performance in Central Park.

The Swell Season

25 April 2006

I've added some tracks from the new Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova album The Swell Season that they played on Rick O'Shea's show on 2FM.

Replacing An Old Favorite

3 April 2006

It used to be that one could get lots of Frames mp3s from David Rochford's site but, sadly, that is no longer so. In an attempt to make sure that some of those songs remain available, though, I'm adding many of them to my own bootlegs page. If anyone reading this has more mp3s from Rochford's collection, please e-mail me and we'll see if we can't get them up for everyone to enjoy, eh?

Raiding The Sketchbook

25 March 2006

I finally got around to scanning and adapting some of my old Faerie-related drawings so that readers can see them. Ever wonder what a royal Faerie looks like? Wonder no more.

This Is Our Heyday

21 February 2006

I've added a couple more mp3s to the bootlegs section as well as a host of links to places where you can find great music by great artists.

Holy Crap! A New Design!

21 January 2006

I know, it's hard to believe that I know this place still exists, right? Well, I do. And, after many frustrations and much thought, here's the new incarnation of S-S.N. In true New Year's fashion, we've shed some unneeded poundage, though there's actually more to see here than there was before. I feel that the overall quality has improved. I hope that you'll feel the same way.

As always, feel free to leave comments on my blog or by e-mailing me. Thank you and enjoy!

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