On the Stereo

This feature is divided into sections: bootlegs, soundtracks, and the Paddy Whacked Radio archives. The first contains bootlegged gigs from some of my favorite artists, who are cool enough to be okay with that sort of thing. The second section contains lists of music that could constitute the music to my life or to the lives of my characters. And the final section is where I keep copies of the Paddy Whacked Radio show for my friend, Shawn, who is awesome enough to have a radio show dedicated to Irish artists and music.


Looking for something new to listen to? Or maybe your musical tastes are similar to mine and you're looking for some live shows. This is the place to look.

Paddy Whacked Radio Archives

This is another way to find great new music to listen to. Here I archive copies of Shawn's Paddy Whacked Radio Connection, which broadcasts from Medford, MA at WMFO 91.5 FM and via web streaming worldwide on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST. Afterwards, the show gets archived on the WMFO site for one week. In case that fails, though, I'm here.


Inspired by online communities in which fans of films, books, and television shows put together albums with music relating to the characters and relationships of their choice, I decided it might be fun to put together similar such works for myself and some of my characters.