Soundtracks: Gnomenclature Vol. 1

Originally posted in my LiveJournal on 5 June 2005.

After much deliberation and thought, Volume One of a set called Gnomenclature--a reference to my nickname--was born. This volume contains songs that have meant a lot to me at various times in my life or that are permanently associated with certains parts of the first two decades of my life. Click on the thumbnails to view full images of the art. And, yes, those are pictures of me.

			Cover The 
			Early Years Elementary Years Middle 
			School Germany Senior 
			Year University Back 
  • Do You Love Me? -- The Contours
  • The Boy From New York City -- Ad-Libs
  • Crocodile Rock -- Elton John
  • Takes A Little Time -- Amy Grant
  • Kokomo -- The Beach Boys
  • Head Over Feet -- Alanis Morissette
  • William Tell Overture -- University of Arkansas Razorback Marching Band
  • Walking On The Sun -- Smash Mouth
  • Bluesville -- 1998 Arkansas All-Region Honor Band
  • You've Got A Friend -- Carole King
  • All The Wrong Reasons -- The Magnets
  • Blue -- Eiffel 64
  • That Don't Impress Me Much -- My Sister
  • Daniel -- Elton John
  • Superman (It's Not Easy) -- Five For Fighting
  • Unwell -- Matchbox Twenty
  • Precious Illusions -- Alanis Morissette
  • The Scientist -- Coldplay
  • Fitzcarraldo -- The Frames
  • Oh What A World -- Rufus Wainwright
  • Finally -- The Frames

Do You Love Me? -- The Contours When I was really little, I lived with my parents on-campus at the University of Arkansas, where my mother was a grad student and staff member. Some of my earliest memories are standing outside of buildings where college kids were partying, and this song is one I remember hearing. Later on, my parents took me to a basketball game and this was one of the songs that the dance squad performed to during half-time.

The Boy From New York City -- Ad-Libs I think I was around two or three when I had this little turquoise dress with a cartoon cat with sunglasses on it. Next to the cat, they'd written "Cool Kitty". Now, somehow I got it into my head that this song--I only knew the chorus--had something to do with my dress. So I'd sing the chorus when wearing the dress, which, um, was a frequent occasion. My parents had a hard time getting me out of said dress.

Crocodile Rock -- Elton John This was my first favorite song, and I can remember singing and "dancing" to it from my car-seat onwards. Even now, it doesn't fail to bring a smile to my face.

Takes A Little Time -- Amy Grant After my mother's car wreck, some of the doctor's were predicting that she wouldn't be able to walk again. This song really became my mother's as she struggled through physical therapy and trying to get back on her feet. It was not an easy time for any of us, but this song gave us hope.

Kokomo -- The Beach Boys My father listened to the Beach Boys frequently when I was younger, so I always associate their music with spending time with him. Additionally, this is a song that I used to like putting on tapes that I listened to while mowing the lawn. No matter how sweaty and nasty I was, I always felt the breeze a bit more with this on.

Head Over Feet -- Alanis Morisette When I first heard this song it was when it got played over and over and over on a seven hour car trip with my Girl Scout troop. I hated it. At that time, I firmly disliked all the music that kids at school that was "cool". "Gangster's Paradise" was on my bad list, as were Green Day, Matchbox Twenty, and this song from Alanis Morissette. Amusingly, it would be a couple years later when I decided that I like Alanis, so much that some of her albums played almost constantly through middle school.

William Tell Overture -- University of Arkansas Razorback Marching Band Around the time I entered middle school, my parents got season tickets to U of A basketball, so we had the pleasure of going in twos to Razorback games. I loved basketball--I started playing basketball in 7th grade--but I loved the band even more. I'd started playing trombone in 6th grade, and, at the time, it was my dream to play in the U of A's marching band when I went to university.

Walking On The Sun -- Smash Mouth 8th grade was my first taste of marching band after two years of concert band. I loved every minute of it and was typically the person with her trombone held up the highest. "Walking on the Sun" was one of the pieces we played.

Bluesville -- 1998 Arkansas All-Region Honor Band Second semester band in 8th grade was concert band, and one of the opportunities that students had was to try out for All-Region Honor Band. I was sick (bronchitis?) when I tried out, but I still made it into one of the bands. This is a recording of one of the songs that we played. This band was made up of students who tried out, received unseen music and rehearsed for six or seven hours, and then gave this concert. It may also be the only recording I have left of me playing trombone.

You've Got A Friend -- Carole King As I was getting ready to move to Germany, songs like this one started to mean a lot to me, as I was leaving behind friends I'd had for nine or more years.

All The Wrong Reasons -- The Magnets The Magnets are an a cappella group that performed a couple of concerts at my school in Germany as a favor, I suppose, to our music teacher, who was a former teacher for one of the group members. We had a high school assembly where they sang first, and it was great. In addition to wonderful music, they were great showmen, and both my sister and I went home raving. My parents did a "smile and nod" routine on us until we dragged them to the Magnets' second concert at ISD, and then we all went home with the first album and listened to it frequently on car trips.

Blue -- Eiffel 64 At my high school in Germany we had class field trips once a year for a week. In 9th grade, we went to Switzerland to bike and climb and hike for a week, and one of my more pleasant memories of that time was hiking with my classmates and singing this song. Because only in Europe will you find people singing techno music while hiking.

That Don't Impress Me Much -- My Sister Although we listened to the original version of this song a lot in Germany, a real highlight was seeing my sister, then ten, perform it at a school talent show. The recording I have is actually from two years after that, when she was out-of-practice, but you'll have to trust me when I say that the crowd went wild when she performed that night.

Daniel -- Elton John When I was in Tanzania, one of the girls had an FM radio that she would sometimes put out in the courtyard during the afternoons. For some reason that I'll never know, this song was played a lot, so it always reminds me of sitting on the courtyard washing my cloths in a bucket or laying out in the sun after my "shower", which consisted of someone pouring buckets of water over my head.

Superman (It's Not Easy) -- Five For Fighting and Unwell -- Matchbox Twenty After two-and-a-half years of being firmly unaware of American culture, I came back in time for these two songs to be big. I liked them both, so they're pretty well associated with my senior year of high school. Actually, "Unwell" also tends to remind me a bit of the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at Case because of the depression I suffered then.

Precious Illusions -- Alanis Morissette My relationship with my first boyfriend suffered from a severe disconnect from reality. He had one idea of how we felt about one another, but the way I felt about him was definitely not what he was seeing. As a result, this song reminds me of him.

The Scientist -- Coldplay My sister introduced me to this song when I was home one time freshman year. Coldplay's second album soon became very popular with me, so I have that time linked with that music in my mind.

Fitzcarraldo -- The Frames Amy sent me this track early in my sophomore year at Case, at the same time that I was in a German film course where we watched a few of Werner Herzog's films. Fitzcarraldo was not among them, but I went out and rented it from the library to watch it on my own. Shortly after finishing the film, I turned my music back on and this track came on. I'd never turned the volume up and figured out what was being sad at the beginning of the track, but this time I did, only to discover that Glen was explaining that the song was written after watching the film I'd just finished.

Oh What A World -- Rufus Wainwright I started to listen to Rufus during the start of junior year--thanks to the combined efforts of Lindsey and Sophie--and somehow I decided during finals week that I should listen to "Oh What A World" before I took a final in the hopes that it would calm me down and help me focus in that difficult semester. It appears to have worked since I got all As that semester. It, therefore, became my official test-taking song junior year. It's luck didn't hold for senior year, sadly.

Finally -- The Frames The album had to end with a song that reminded me of all the fun of my junior year, and this was it. Appropriately enough, my senior year was highlighted by my first Frames concert, where this song featured.