From the Notebook

It used to be that I hated writing. That changed sometime in middle school when I started reading versions of the Arthurian legend and found that I disliked the ending. For me, it was time to pick up a pen and write the story the way that I wanted to hear it. My first stories were... well, let's just say that not even I like re-reading most of them.

Everyone will be glad to know that things have improved since then.

This is where I let you peruse pages out of my many notebooks. I've divided this into sections based on genre and story location. All of the excerpts are from my original work, much of which is fantasy. Clicking on excerpt titles will take you to the appropriate blog post, where you can read the excerpt and leave feedback should you so desire. Another link will bring you back here.

Epic Fantasy: Faerie

Although my Faerie trilogy chronicles the life of Jeanne Lésane, the half-human daughter of Faerie's fifty-fourth Queen, the story stretches back to the dawn of Faerie when Carisae created the world for her Chervari. Political intrigue, love, myths, betrayel, and good vs. evil battles--Faerie has it all. Intrigued? Step through the gateway.

Much-less-epic fantasy: The Deathwalkers

Vaguely akin to Garth Nix's Sabriel trilogy, this story focuses on a young woman named Nandiealmae who, having spent most of her life in hiding from the enemies she left behind, returns to her homeland at the request of her half-sister, Tallia.

    The Dead do not welcome the Living but as a willing offer of Life, a way to reach the sunlight once more.
  • The River Runs in Your Blood (PG-13): After twenty years, Nandiealmae finally returns to the realm her family is meant to guard.
  • Conversations Overheard (PG): Nandiealmae remembers the last time she saw both her parents.

Much-less-epic fantasy: Taratia

The Taritans are an unusual race for me because they don't have a set story that accompanies them. I've actually written several stories involving them and often these stories don't match. But obviously, I like them because I keep returning to their tales.

    Taritans stick together, Azura, but we also do what we must to preserve our heritage.
  • Rainy Days (PG): Ellira laments how her pregnancy is driving her elder daughter away.
  • Applications (PG): Azura seeks entry to the elite Academy in Taratia.

General fantasy: aelphlond

Has anyone guessed my preferred genre yet? This is a story about a cursed and exiled family, and one young woman's struggle to regain what was lost generations ago.

    Even after all these years, the way the past is deeply tied to the future never ceases to amaze me.
  • The Witch's Bastard (PG): The stability of Taealwhyn's life hangs by a thread when a stranger appears.
  • Amnesia (PG-13): A young woman meets the little brother she's forgotten.

General Fantasy: The Black Sword

Like many of my stories, The Black Sword started as a dream that I had: a young woman seeks revenge on the woman who murdered her parents, only to discover that the truth is more complicated than she could have guessed.

    Soraidha exists no longer, and her daughters have been slain or scattered to the very edges of Erdha.
  • A Daughter of Soraidha (PG-13/R for violence): Revenge can be a tricky business.

Dark Fantasy: Vampyr

Blurring the line between good and evil has always fascinated me. Vampyr has to do with just that. Ilyra has lived her whole life believing that her father and his Vampyr ways are the epitome of evil. But life--and love--have a way of confusing the issue.

    You can try all you like to hide yourself among them, to do all that you can to resist your own nature, but your true self will be revealed in time.
  • Chasing Justice (PG-13): Ilyra tries to bring her father to justice after one of his crimes.
  • The Soul Speaks Before the Mind (PG-13): Ilyra begins to learn that she cannot always hide from her past... or her father.
  • Blood (PG-13): Ilyra recounts her early memories of Arman's house.
  • Escape (PG-13): Natasja runs away from Arman when she discovers herself pregnant.

Science Fiction: para-d.o.c.s.

Step into a future where the world is ruled by a single World Government and it's the job of the Department of Counter-Subversion to keep it that way. Elana always thought the D.O.C.S. was an urban legend, until she gets recruited by agent Lawrence Whittaker. But why should the D.O.C.S. have any interest in just another college student?

    Walls have ears, Elana, or, at least, the bugs in them do.
  • Welcome Back (PG): A typical day of research in the library turns into recruitment by the intelligence division of the World Government.
  • A Snippet From The Cell (PG-13)

These characters, stories, and ideas are the original, copyrighted work of Nicole Sharp and are protected under a Creative Commons License.