End In Sight?

I am experiencing immense relief now having just finished up the last of the essays for my NSF fellowship application. I quite like my personal essay (in which I discuss my career goals, ha ha!) and I feel like I did a nice job of demonstrating my understanding in my research proposal essay (which at least reads like an academic text, only more understandable). I probably feel weakest about my previous research essay, but I suspect that that is more a matter of feeling like I was cramming two very significant projects into two very small pages.

Fingers crossed. I may get to press the “Submit” button by tomorrow instead of waiting until Thursday. That would make me extraordinarily happy because I can then focus my attention on that classwork stuff people expect me to complete.

As you can tell by my silence on here, grad school has me hopping right now.

On the very bright side, B will be here in ten days, and, in two weeks, I get to drive home for Thanksgiving.

Also on the bright side, the Thai red curry chicken we made for dinner last night was amazing. And easy.

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