Snow Is (Almost) Gone

It’s not quite true yet, but Josh Ritter’s “Snow Is Gone” just came on, and spring is close enough that the song lifts me up and makes me want to sing and dance along. (I’m unfortunately in the office, so I can’t indulge, but it’s nice nonetheless.) This is what central New York looks like today:

Taughannock Falls In The Mist

5 Responses to “Snow Is (Almost) Gone”

  • I would just like to contribute that I think that picture is damn impressive and beautiful in its own right, and you don’t need to cast it in a negative light like that. I mean, waterfall out of a cloud? Holyfrakkingawesome.

  • Did I cast it in a negative light–because I don’t recall doing so? 😛

  • Well, it sounded like it, what with the continued grousing about the winter weather preceding the photo.

  • There was no grousing. I stated a fact–the snow is not quite gone yet–and the rest of it is all just about the song, which is one that always makes me happy. If you have a problem with me being happy enough to feel like singing and dancing, then we can discuss that elsewhere. 😛

  • I guess by now I’m just conditioned to react to anything you say about winter as if it’s a complaint. I’ve got no problem with you singing and dancing. I could even post videos of same! 😉

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