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Managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5 without any major hiccups. There were some inevitable bumps along the way with K2 and WordPress as far as widgets vs. sidebar goes, but thanks to a helpful post on the support forums all appears to be running as it should here.
My other web achievement this weekend was porting whisperback over to a WordPress-powered blog, which will hopefully allow my friends to update their story more easily.

Problems Solved?

My thanks to the good fellows over at K2. It looks like the issues I was having have been solved by the latest nightly build. I can go back to studying for those quals instead of fiddling with my blog.

Bear With Me…

I made the mistake of deciding to upgrade both WordPress and the K2 theme I run on here. Of course, I managed to do a fine job of breaking things left and right. Right now I have things nominally working. In trying to prevent having both a ‘Live Archive’ and ‘Archive’ in my pages listing, I managed to irrevocably break the ‘Extended Live Archive’ plug-in I had, so that’s shot to hell for now. It took me quite a while just to get everything showing up again. Some of my old functionality and looks are gone now and won’t be returning until after the Q-exam when I actually have time to dig through the new code. And, yes, I know that the tag cloud is also looking screwy. At least it’s there.

Grr. Argh.