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Welcome to 1936, I mean, 2006

I’ve thought for awhile about what I should write about in my first post of the new year. I could discuss Christmas in Arkansas or my family’s celebration in North Carolina. I might talk about the books I’ve read (Pride and Prejudice and Shadow Puppets), the shows I’ve watched (mainly House), the movies I’ve watched (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Solaris, I,Robot), or the games I’ve played (backgammon, 10,000, or LOTR Trivial Pursuit). Or there’s always the frustrations of those graduate school applications and online systems that don’t do what they’re supposed to when you need them to. But all of that aside, there’s one thing I must share.
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Hello world!

The New Year marks a new beginning here at Gnomicons, and there’s nothing newer than this section, which will be dedicated to tutorials, tricks, and tips for graphics and web design. I’m not exactly a professional in either, but I am something of a professional amatuer. I work in Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop CS, ImageReady 7.0, ImageReady CS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some PHP. Please don’t comment with questions about Paint Shop Pro and other graphics programs. I’m not familiar with them, and I can’t give you any specifics on how to use the programs. I do aim to make the advice that I give here as universal as possible, so that people without access to Photoshop and ImageReady can still benefit.

Happy New Year, everyone!