Welcome to Gnomicons!

This is the bit of my domain dedicated to all things graphical. It contains everything from icons/avatars to wallpapers, from Photoshop brushes to movie screencaps. Browse, save, use as you please, so long as you follow my rules. They're pretty simple and straightforward. Also, feel free to contact me by e-mail or through a comment on my blog. I'm always interested in hearing from people, and I do my best to respond.


29 July 2008
Nine new wallpapers have been added in a variety of sizes. They can all be found under the Photography header on the wallpaper page.

20 December 2007
One more update to clean and reduce the code running the backend of the site. No new content, I'm afraid, but I thought I should mention the change since any existing links to a particular page of icons will now generate a 404 error.

9 December 2007
In the process of cleaning up some long-standing code issues, I've given the site a makeover and added some icon odds and ends that have been sitting on my hard drive for longer than I care to think about. I've also added 10 new wallpapers. I'm sorry to say that this does mark some kind of rebirth of Gnomicons--I won't be adding lots of new material any time soon. Since I'm no longer blogging at LiveJournal, I probably won't be making very many icons in my sparse free time. I am taking more photos these days, though, so the better ones will probably get turned into wallpapers and added on occasion.