Photoshop Brushes

These brushes are linkware, which means that you are free to download them for non-commercial, non-profit use, but I ask that you put a link up to this site if you use any of these brushes. Thank you! Also, please feel free to e-mail me if you use them. I like seeing what people make :-) Regarding compatibility, I made these in Photoshop 7.0 and the brushes should work in 6.0, if you have Photoshop 5.5 or below, then you need to download the stamp file. To learn how to install them as brushes, check out the tutorial over at my blog. I believe the stamps can also be used by PSP users.

Regular Brushes

Kill Bill Set

Paint streaks and fonts from the Kill Bill movie trailers. Contains 11 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.


Stars and compass-rose-like shapes. Contains 6 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

LOTR Set 1

Old paper, torn edges, ring writing, poster decorations and more. Contains 16 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

LOTR Set 2

Elvish writing, various designs from Rohan, the Elves, and the Orcs. Contains 16 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

Torn 1

Torn edges, splotches, scratches and more. Contains 15 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

Torn 2

More stuff that's torn, aged, scratched, etc. 12 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

News Set 1

Headers, bits of pictures and articles. Contains 12 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

Star Set 1

Stars and nebulae. Contains 16 brushes. Brushes. Stamps.

Icon-Sized Brushes

Set 1: Icon Borders.Preview. Brushes. Stamps.

Set 2: Textures and Decorations. Preview. Brushes. Stamps.